5 Signs You Should Have Your Roof Checked

5 Signs You Should Have Your Roof Checked

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Your roof can take a beating over the course of its lifetime. The harsh sun, frequent downpours and severe storms can lead to incremental damage or complete failure. You should check your roof often to make sure it’s still intact.

Here are a few signs that your roof might need to be inspected by a professional:

• Cracked, broken shingles
• Leaks in the attic
• Missing shingles
• Darkened areas
• Clogged gutters

If you’re noticing signs of a deteriorating roof, reach out to CRL Solutions right away. We can take care of the issue in record time.

Your choice for new installation and reroofs

Your roof might be beyond repair. If so, don’t worry – you can trust CRL Solutions to install a brand new roof. We also install roofs on new construction projects. CRL Solutions works with wood shingles, asphalt shingles and flat rock products for residential roofs; commercial roofs typically require a flat roofing solution.

Let’s make sure your home or commercial building has a quality roof. Contact us today for a free estimate.